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10 Year Challenge: How the world has changed in a decade  BBC News

People started by showing how different they look after 10 years - now they're looking at the world.

Take Five: World markets themes for the week ahead  Reuters

Following are five big themes likely to dominate thinking of investors and traders in the coming week and the Reuters stories related to them.

Male TV stars' earrings censored on Chinese site, say viewers  The Guardian

Web users report that images have been blurred on Netflix-like iQiyi's TV shows.

Academic who defined news principles says journalists are too negative  The Guardian

Exclusive: preoccupation with conflict fosters insecurity, populism and trust deficit, says Johan Galtung.

UFC's Joanne 'JoJo' Calderwood on love, Thanksgiving & world titles  BBC Sport

Scottish UFC star Joanne Calderwood prepares to take on 'Violence Queen' Ariane Lipski in Brooklyn, in a bid to become a world champion.

Sweden gets new government four months after election  The Guardian

Sweden's parliament has voted to give the Social Democrat leader, Stefan Löfven, a second term in office at the head of a new centre-left minority government, ...

World's coffee under threat, say experts  BBC News

The first full assessment of risks to the world's coffee plants shows that 60% of 124 known species are on the edge of extinction. More than 100 types of coffee ...

Car bomb kills at least 20 at police academy in Bogotá  The Guardian

Blast also injured more than 50 people, but authorities have yet to suggest who was behind the attack.

10 year challenge: How science and the world have changed  New Scientist News

The last 10 years have seen amazing advances in science and technology – and stark damage to the world we live in. Like a lot of people on social media we ...

Anti-Assad activist killed in Germany in suspected axe attack  The Guardian

Mohamed Joune's killing may be related to his Syrian political activities, say friends.

US will 'reinforce its leadership' as the world's top crude producer in 2019, IEA says  CNBC

The level of crude output from the U.S. will once again be a major factor this year, the IEA said its closely-watched report on Friday.

North Korean envoy may meet Trump to discuss second summit  The Guardian

North Korea's lead negotiator in nuclear diplomacy with the US is expected to hold talks with the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and could also meet President ...

Woman denied abortion in Dublin despite new legislation  The Guardian

A hospital in Dublin has refused an abortion to a woman with a fatal foetal abnormality, raising questions over Ireland's recent introduction of abortion services.

Israel accuses Malaysia PM of 'rabid antisemitism' over Paralympics ban  The Guardian

Mahathir Mohamad refuses visas to Israeli athletes due to compete in a qualifying event for Tokyo 2020.

Which is the world's most vegan city?  The Guardian

Portland has a vegan strip club, Palitana is a meat-free zone and Bristol makes the most vegan-related Google searches, but what makes a city vegan-friendly?

Police pick up penguins stolen from Nottingham zoo  The Guardian

Two missing Humboldts were found this week in Strelley Village after a tipoff.

The World Still Needs NATO  The New York Times

The alliance is not just about bases and troops. It is about defending the world order.

Great white shark photo: I swam with 'world's biggest'  BBC News

Kimberly Jeffries was already in the water when the huge shark swam up from the deep.

Journalist who exposed football corruption shot dead in Ghana  The Guardian

Exposés by Ahmed Husein, who died in Accra, had also lifted lid on corruption in judicial system.

Minority ethnic Britons face 'shocking' job discrimination  The Guardian

Black Britons and those of south Asian origin face “shocking” discrimination in the labour market at levels unchanged since the late 1960s, research has found.

Prince Philip's 'shrinking world' FRUSTRATES Royal as he 'loses independence'  Express

PRINCE Philip is 'frustrated' about getting older and finding his world is 'shrinking' as he's told he can no longer do many of the things he loves because of his ...

The world's funniest wedding photos - News  The Telegraph

It's quick and easy to create your Telegraph account; You will also be able to comment on articles, read a Premium article per week and sign up to our ...

Fyre Festival: Inside the world's biggest festival flop  BBC News

A new documentary sheds light on what allegedly went on behind the scenes at the disastrous Fyre Festival.

End of the WORLD: The 10 plagues are well UNDERWAY – astonishing claim

A SPATE of what some religious people perceive as the 10 biblical plagues is underway and more are set to come as we supposedly head towards the END OF ...

The World's Most-Visited City Faces a Battle Against Toxic Smog  Bloomberg

For the second year in a row, some of the planet's most toxic smog has choked Bangkok.

A surgeon has performed the world's first '5G surgery' on an animal in China  The Independent

A surgeon in China has performed the world's first remote operation using 5G technology, according to local reports. The doctor in the southeastern province of ...

Indonesia to free radical cleric linked to Bali bombings  The Guardian

Abu Bakar Bashir, the radical Muslim cleric and alleged mastermind of the 2002 Bali bombings, will be granted early release from jail on humanitarian grounds, ...

The Overlooked Organisms That Keep Challenging Our Assumptions About Life  The Atlantic

Gorgeous and weird, lichens have pushed the boundaries of our understanding of nature—and our way of studying it.

Antarctic expedition yields remains of tiny, ancient 'water bears'  The Guardian

Scientists have found the remains of tiny, ancient animals in an Antarctic lake that has lain undisturbed for thousands of years beneath a kilometre-thick slab of ...

Climate change threat to Germans’ need for speed on Autobahn  The Guardian

The days of unlimited speeding on Germany's famously fast Autobahn network could be over if the government adopts draft proposals on climate protection put ...

Jacob Stockdale: Ireland and Ulster star the world's best wing - Monye  BBC Sport

Ireland and Ulster star Jacob Stockdale is currently the best in his position in the world, says former Lions and England wing Ugo Monye.

Five Ways Jack Bogle Changed the World of the Everyday Investor  Wall Street Journal

In driving down investment costs and boosting the influence of mutual funds at companies, the late founder of Vanguard Group, Jack Bogle, altered the balance ...

Putin gets puppy and hero's welcome on Serbia trip  The Guardian

Serbia gave Vladimir Putin a hero's welcome on Thursday as the Russian president's plane arrived in Belgrade escorted by an honour guard of MiG-29 fighter ...

Satanic tourism fears dismissed over statue of devil in Segovia  The Guardian

Judge dismisses complaint from local group and councillor says installation can go ahead in Spanish city.

Squaring the world's waste circle will take more than many imagine  The Sydney Morning Herald

If you think we've been standing still – even going backwards – on reconciling the economy with the natural environment, that's not wholly true. While our refusal ...

Gisele Bündchen hits back at minister's 'bad Brazilian' jibe  The Guardian

Model attacks rising Amazon deforestation and sets out her environmental credentials.

World's 'loneliest' frog finally gets a date after decade alone  Evening Standard

A frog that was believed to be the last of its kind in the world finally has a partner after more than a decade searching for romance. Romeo, known as the world's ...

China has some of world's most advanced weapon systems, Pentagon warns  The Guardian

China is on the cusp of fielding some of the world's most advanced weapons systems – and in some cases already has surpassed its rivals, a Pentagon ...

Nairobi DusitD2 hotel attacked by suspected militants  BBC News

Suspected militants have attacked a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi, killing at least 15 people. The compound in the Westlands district of the Kenyan capital, ...

World sweeps first three draws at Continental Cup  TSN

LAS VEGAS — Team North America has some serious ground to make up after only one day of play at the Continental Cup. Sweden's Anna Hasselborg ...

Israeli museum to remove McJesus sculpture after protests  The Guardian

Work depicting Ronald McDonald as crucified Jesus has sparked violence in Haifa.

An Empty Lot Above Beverly Hills Is the Most Expensive Real Estate in the World

To reach the Mountain, one must go beyond Shangri-La. A quarter-mile uphill from a cul-de-sac named for the mystical utopia, there is a 30-foot-wide gate ...

Man jumps from 11th floor of world's largest cruise ship in Instagram stunt  The Independent

A passenger jumped from the 11th floor of the world's largest cruise ship in an attempt to go viral on Instagram. American Nick Naydev, 27, jumped 30 metres ...

Life at the End of the World | By Wendie Renard  The Players' Tribune

here I'm from, we call it The End of the World. Nothing but the sea in front of you. And a giant mountain at your back. It's a part of Martinique called Le Prêcheur.

Sydney axe attacks: Woman jailed for wounding 7-Eleven customers  BBC News

A woman who randomly attacked two people with an axe in an Australian convenience store has been jailed. Evie Amati, 26, seriously wounded the man and ...

The richest people in the world live in this city (it’s not Hong Kong or London)  MarketWatch

Where the wealthiest people in the world live is quickly changing.

World's First Robot Hotel Fires Half Of Its Robots  Forbes

A robot hotel in Japan has culled more than half of its robotic workforce since it launched, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal on Monday.

Hong Kong is one of the best places to live – but for how much longer?  South China Morning Post

Bernard Chan says fears of a Hong Kong brain drain are overblown. The city's long life expectancy, high education levels and low crime rate are just some of the ...

Blood Moon 2019: End of the world coming as moon turns RED – shock claim

THE upcoming blood moon is a message to America and will signify the END OF THE WORLD, according to a prominent Rabbi in Israel.

Virtual reality exhibit takes you inside the world of Dali  FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

A new exhibit is changing the way people see and experience art through virtual reality.

The secret travel club that's been everywhere  BBC News

New York's Explorers Club has inspired adventurers, aquanauts and astronauts for more than a century. But it's now evolving to inspire everyone to make the ...

The Jamaican Stock Exchange Is the World's Best-Performing Market  Bloomberg

The Jamaican stock exchange is so obscure, even emerging-markets funds don't go there. And it's booming.

World sport: 10 photos we liked this week - 7-13 January  BBC Sport

A selection of the most striking sports photographs from around the world this week.

What to eat to save the planet: Report urges 'radical changes' to world's diet -- less meat, more veggies  USA TODAY

Around the world, humans eat far too much red meat and sugar, and nowhere near enough nuts, fruits and vegetables, according to a report.

India vs Australia | Collins: Australia Wander Lost in Spin Dominated ODI World  News18

Nottingham 1983 and Cardiff 2005. Australian cricket fans don't need any more detail to know what that list represents: the first time they were defeated in a ...

Thailand signals major shift in refugee policy after Rahaf Mohammed case  The Guardian

Immigration chief says country 'will now follow international norms' yet is still considering extraditing refugee Hakeem al-Araibi.

Brexit: Japan's PM says 'wish of whole world' to avoid no-deal  BBC News

The "whole world" wants the UK to avoid a no-deal Brexit, Japan's PM has claimed, after talks with Theresa May. Shinzo Abe pledged "total support" for the ...

Behind the Hamilton World Rugby Sevens Series 2019

Waikato Stadium's hallowed turf is peaceful, a field of pristine green. In seven days it will turn into party central as the Hamilton leg of the World Sevens ...

Global Commission Calls for a Food Revolution to Solve World's Climate & Nutrition Problems  InsideClimate News

An ambitious report on the global food system from a commission convened by the prestigious medical journal The Lancet calls for a radical change in food ...

World’s 50 Best Restaurants List Changes Voting to Find New Winners  Eater

Last year, the World's 50 Best Restaurants list seemingly decided that it wanted to do better. Through a September statement from director Hélène Pietrini, the ...

China's Moon mission sees first seeds sprout  BBC News

Seeds taken up to the Moon by China's Chang'e-4 mission have sprouted, says China National Space Administration. It marks the first time any biological matter ...

Trump cancels US delegation to Davos World Economic Forum due to shutdown  CNBC

President Donald Trump has canceled his delegation's trip to the World Economic Forum, citing the partial government shutdown. "Out of consideration for the ...

Watch: This gymnast’s perfect 10 floor routine has the world talking about it  The Indian Express

In a floor routine set to a medley of songs by Michael Jackson, including 'The Way You Make Me Feel' and 'I Want You Back', Katelyn Ohashi set the stage on ...

Australia could suffer the biggest property price falls in the world this year  The Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney and Melbourne are at the forefront of a potential 10 per cent property price fall, the largest of any decline globally of all markets, according to a report ...

Amateurs, Con Artists, and Vanishing Movie Stars: Inside the World of Chris Smith’s Documentaries  The Ringer

The director of Netflix's 'Fyre' doc was a Sundance wunderkind-turned-commercial director extraordinaire. Now he's returned to the documentaries and themes ...

A test rocket for the world's first artificial meteor shower in 2020 flew over Japan tonight  Fast Company

The world is filled with strange and wonderful things, both real (see: Maine's spinning alien ice disk) and fake (see: Thailand's artificial rain and China's fake ...

How Zimbabwe became world's most expensive place to fuel a car  CNN

In 2017, Zimbabweans took to the streets to protest a broken economy and collapsing living standards. Two years later, they are back on the streets again over a ...

Airlander 10: World's longest aircraft gets full-production go-ahead  BBC News

It comes after the prototype £32m Airlander 10 - a combined plane and airship - was formally retired.

Veganuary 2019: What it's like to stay in the world's first vegan hotel suite  The Independent

I was all prepared to hate the world's first vegan hotel suite. I was prepared to hate it the way only a journalist who has received one too many “Celebrate ...

Yellowstone volcano: Researcher's 'head east' eruption warning REVEALED

THE YELLOWSTONE volcano could wipe out more than three-quarters of the US in the event of an eruption and a researcher warns that, if it happens, people ...

Periodic table found at St Andrews University 'is world's oldest'  BBC News

Experts who dated the teaching chart found at St Andrews University said it was printed between 1879 and 1886.

James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race  BBC News

Nobel Prize-winning American scientist James Watson has been stripped of his honorary titles after repeating comments about race and intelligence. In a TV ...

Head of world’s largest asset manager says stock market has hit a bottom — but this would make it surge  MarketWatch

Larry Fink, CEO of world's largest asset management firm, BlackRock Inc., says that the stock market has probably put in a bottom but that for sentiment to take ...

The World's Top 10 Wine Destinations for 2019  VinePair

Pack a suitcase, wine lovers. Here are the top 10 wine travel destinations that should be on your radar this year.

New atom smasher would be world's biggest by far

CERN announced plans to build the Future Circular Collider (FCC), a vast particle collider that would dwarf the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Eclipse 2019 prophecy: Will the world end on January 22? SHOCK Blood Moon Bible reveal

The so-called Super Blood Moon eclipse will dye the Moon an ominous red colour between January 20 and January 21. In the UK, the eclipse will peak early on ...

Travel - Macau's rare fusion cuisine  BBC News

A small Eurasian community in Macau is hoping that their unique cuisine – a blend of Portuguese and Chinese cooking – will be the key ingredient to their ...

Protein mania: the rich world's new diet obsession  The Guardian

The long read: If you're worrying about the amount of protein in your diet, then you're almost certainly eating more than enough.

Dumfries bakery lands World Scotch Pie title  BBC News

The Dumfries business takes the overall top prize at the industry awards staged in Cumbernauld.

Tiny Indian state proposes world’s biggest experiment with guaranteed income  The Washington Post

NEW DELHI — High in the Himalayas, Sikkim is one of the tiniest states in India. But it is about to embark on an experiment of global interest. Sikkim's ruling ...

US Navy moves toward unleashing killer robot ships on the world's oceans

The Navy is planning to take the first few steps into a radical future, which, if it comes to pass, will upend how the fleet has fought since the Cold War.

World’s worst climate change-induced disasters cost countries £50bn in 2018  The Independent

The 10 worst climate-linked disasters of 2018 caused at least £50bn worth of damage, a study has found. Extreme weather driven by climate change hit every ...

World’s Biggest Investor Tells C.E.O.s Purpose Is the ‘Animating Force’ for Profits  The New York Times

A year after his annual letter to chief executives urged them to run their companies with the social good in mind, the BlackRock chief Larry Fink said they must ...

Millions expected to throng Indian city for world's largest religious festival  Reuters

Pilgrims from across the world are gathering in India for the Kumbh Mela, a heady mix of spirituality, politics and tourism that begins on Tuesday, garnering extra ...

Rahaf al-Qunun: UN 'considers Saudi woman a refugee'  BBC News

A Saudi woman who fled her family and refused to leave a Bangkok hotel has been declared a legitimate refugee by the UN, the Australian government says.

Australian house prices drop expected to be worst in the world  New Zealand Herald

The tumultuous drop in Australian house prices is reaching historic proportions.

New Year's Eve 2018: celebrations around the world as they happened  The Guardian

And with that, we'll be wrapping up our live blog of New Year's Eve celebrations around the world. From Samoa to Sydney to Santiago, it's been 20 hours of ...

Manchester City v Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp says Pep Guardiola's side are world's best  BBC Sport

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says Manchester City are "still the best team in the world", despite his side being top of the Premier League and seven points ...

Rahaf and Hakeem: why has one refugee captured the world's attention while another is left in jail?  The Guardian

When it comes to Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun and Hakeem al-Araibi, the reasons are varied but likely include the age-old non-science of what makes news and ...

China Is Set To Become The World's Renewable Energy Superpower, According To New Report  Forbes

The continuing growth in renewable energy around the world is set to boost the power of China while undermining the influence of major oil exporters such as ...

Cricket World Cup 2019 tickets being resold for more than £12,000  BBC Sport

Cricket World Cup organisers are prepared to take legal action against secondary ticketing sites, with some 2019 tickets being offered at 104 times face value.

World Report 2019: Reversing Autocrats' Attacks on Rights  Human Rights Watch

There is a growing global trend to confront the abuses of headline-grabbing autocrats, Human Rights Watch said today in launching its World Report 2019.

Trump threatens 'national emergency' over wall  BBC News

US President Donald Trump has said he could declare a national emergency to build a US-Mexico border wall without the approval of Congress. It came after he ...

Madagascar pochard: World's rarest bird gets new home  BBC News

The rarest bird in the world - a species of duck called the Madagascar pochard - has been given a new home in time for the new year. An international team of ...

India scientists dismiss Einstein theories  BBC News

Scientists in India have hit out at speakers at a major conference for making irrational claims, including that ancient Hindus invented stem cell research.

A neural network can learn to organize the world it sees into concepts—just like we do  MIT Technology Review

Generative adversarial networks are not just good for causing mischief. They can also show us how AI algorithms “think.”

Trump wall: President addresses nation on border 'crisis'  BBC News

US President Donald Trump has made his first TV address to the nation from the Oval Office, escalating a stand-off with Congress that has led to an 19-day ...

Yellow vests knock out 60% of all speed cameras in France  BBC News

Members of the "yellow vests" protest movement have vandalised almost 60% of France's entire speed camera network, the interior minister has said.

Citizen Scientists Find New World with NASA Telescope  Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Using data from NASA's Kepler space telescope, citizen scientists have discovered a planet roughly twice the size of Earth located within its star's habitable zone ...

German politicians’ personal data leaked online  The Guardian

Huge cache of documents published daily in December but came to light only on Thursday.