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Pacific Standard

Binge Watching Is Linked to Poor Sleep
Pacific Standard
"Sleep is the fuel your body needs to keep functioning properly," said Jan Van den Bulck of the University of Michigan, who co-authored the study with Liese Exelmans of KU Leuven in Belgium. "It's very important to document the risk factors for poor sleep.
Study: Binge-watching leads to poor sleep quality and fatigueWVLT
Binge-watching television may harm quality of sleep, survey
Binge-watching before bed can mess up your sleepFuturity: Research News
CBS Detroit -Atlanta Journal Constitution -NDTV -American Academy of Sleep Medicine
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Fox International Productions Boards Gustavo Hernandez's 'You Shall Not Sleep' (EXCLUSIVE)
Fox International Productions (FIP) is partnering with Pablo E. Bossi (“Nine Queens”) to produce “You Shall Not Sleep,” (“No Dormirás”) the latest film from “Casa Muda's” Gustavo Hernandez, which 20th Century Fox will distribute in the U.S., Latin ...

The Independent

The perfect time of day to nap revealed
The Independent
Many people also experience post-lunch sleepiness or a lack of alertness, making it the perfect time to nap. You should aim to nap for 20 to 30 minutes - any longer and you risk falling into a deep sleep which could actually leave you feeling groggy ...

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Couples-focused apnea therapy may improve sleep, CPAP use
(Reuters Health) - Positive, supportive interactions between sleep partners could help people with sleep apnea adhere to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, suggests a small study. Couples who focused on the benefits for both the ...
Global Sleep Apnea - Trends and Forecast to 2024 - Research and MarketsBusiness Wire (press release)

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Princess Luxury Bed -- Getting Your Sleep Habits in Shipshape
My daughter has had trouble sleeping lately. She's been waking up after about only eight hours -- poor girl -- which is ironically not enough sleep for her. Trust me. And her bed is pretty decent. But we recently had the opportunity to test out the new ...

Six Hours Of Sleep As Bad As Drinking
New research shows being awake for 18 hours has roughly the same effect on your brain function as getting drunk. That means driving while you're sleep deprived is nearly the same as driving intoxicated. Lack of sleep could also eventually lead to long ...

Lending a paw: family dog rocks baby to sleep in her bassinet (VIDEO)
PATERSON -- Sometimes, four paws is all you need to get a baby to sleep. A Paterson family shared their video on YouTube showing a yellow labrador retriever attentively standing by a bassinet, rocking a baby. The baby yawns as the dog continues to rock ...

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Sulphur PD hosting Safe Sleep Baby Shower
That's why the Sulphur Police Department and the SWLA Safe Sleep Task Force are joining forces to host a Safe Sleep Baby Shower to teach parents the ABC's of safe sleep. The ABC's are alone, back, crib; the safest way a baby can sleep. The Safe Sleep ...


New Ties between AD and the Stages, Waves, and Molecules of Sleep
At the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2017 held in London July 14-20, the relationship between disturbed sleep and AD came into sharper focus. Scientists revealed how sleep disordered breathing boosts the risk for cognitive impairment.

Sleeping through the ages: A solid snooze gets harder with time
Sleep experts say a host of small biological changes can leave people in their 50s, 60s and older feeling less refreshed after a night in bed, even though there is some evidence that they need slightly less sleep than younger people. The nature and ...

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